Steel cut shapes production

Steel cut shapes production

Cutting is performed using three processes - oxygen + acetylene and plasma + laser. We have eight CNC cutting machines and laser from VANAD.
Three of these machines are equipped with oxygen-acetylene burner and plasma burner. We use plasma sources HPR260 and KJELLBERG of highest ranks - Hi Focus 440i neo.

Technical parameters:

  • Cutting medium - oxygen-acetylene: max. sheet thickness: 400 mm, max. width 3500 mm, max. length 12 500 mm.
  • Cutting medium - plasma: max. sheet thickness: 50 mm, max. width 3500 mm, max. length of 12,500 mm
  • Cutting medium - laser: max. sheet thickness: 15 mm, max. width 2000 mm, max. length 6000 mm.

At our production facilities, we are able to produce shapes weighing up to 20 tons.

Due to the large number of cutting CNC machines, variants of cutting media and the stored amounts of a wide range of sheets we are a major producer of steel cut shapes in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to above mentioned aspects, the company is able to meet all customer demands.