Manufacture of machine and technological constructions

Manufacture MaTC

  1. Our company SHAPE STEEL a.s. produces machine and technological constructions, special equipment and components in various branches of industry eg. metallurgical, engineering, energetic and also in various branches of transport systems.

  2. The production of constructions is carried out in production areas with an area of 2.000 m2, equipped with two bridge cranes with a load capacity of 12.5 tonnes. The complexity of the production requirements is ensured in cooperation with our co-operating partners in the field of machining, forming (profile bending, pruning), heat treatment (hardening, annealing) and surface treatment (blasting, coating and zinc coating). Our manufacturing capacities in the field of engineering and technological constructions are from 40 to 70 tonnes per month according to the construction class.

  3. Our company is certified as manufacturer of structural parts for steel constructions: according to EN 1090-2 + A1: 2011 with meeting higher requirements for welding quality according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 ISO 9001