Machinery equipment

Our machinery

Production halls are equipped with:

  1. Seven burning CNC machines VANAD – burning with oxygen-acetylene and plasma. Plasma source: HPR260 and KJELLBERG Hi Focus 440i neo (technical parameters are described in section ´STEEL CUT SHAPES PRODUCTION´)
  2. Laser machine VANAD KOMPAKT B and R Laser 20/90 with IPG fiber laser and head Procutter from Precitech.
  3. Continuous blasting machine MAXIMA 1250x750-4 / 11 from OTECO CZ - Max. dimensions of blasted objects are: Height of 700 mm, width of 1200 mm, length of 12000 mm, min. thickness of 5 mm, load ratings of roller tracks: 1000 kg / 1 m. The quality of surface treatment according to ISO 8501-1 SA 2 1/2. Blasting is performed using abrasive material - steel, heat-treated granulate S280 and S33.
  4. Lathe for roughing of logs - tech. Parameters: Max. turning diameter of 800 mm, max. turning length of 10000 mm, max. weight of roughed piece of 8000 kg
  5. In our three halls of 7,100 square meters, we have six cranes, each with capacity of 12.5 tons.